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  product name:Portable Heavy Metal Analyzer IGS10M
  product model:IGS10M  
  product description:

IGS10M Portable Heavy Metal Analyzer is based on the authority-approved standard method, anodic stripping voltammetry (ASV), which features low cost and high precision and are replacing traditional atomic absorption method in Europe. It is widely applied on on-site environment detection, tap water detection, waste water testing of electroplate and surface processing industries, waste water monitoring of food industry, medicines and hospitals. American EPA and other authorities have listed this method, such as EPA7063 and 7472.


Performance Advantages

* Rapid testing: 30secs to 5mins testing time.

* Wide testing range.

* High precision: analytical precision accounts to 1ppb and detection limit is less than 0.5ppb.

* Electrode advantages: excellent stability and easy maintaince.

* Intelligent: intelligent operation program guide users finishing operation easily.

* Low cost: cheap reagents and little amount of use.

* Safe operation: non-toxic reagents ensure safety of users.


Application Advantages

* Light, convenient for carry.

* With reagents prepared for urgent cases, they can be used directly.

* Semi-transmission & semi-reflection LCD provides good images under bright lights.

* The instrument can store more than 20000 groups of testing data.

* Connection to Computer With USB port and PC software for easy plug&play.

* With 12 built-in menus enable users to develop testing parameters and methods easily.



* On-site application such as on-site testing of water pollution.

* Precise heavy metals detection in labs.

* Water quality monitoring to surface water, underground water, seawater, industrial wastewater, drinking water and other waters.

* Heavy metals testing in soil, food and other waste solids (analytes should be extracted from solids before testing).


Technical Specifications



Sensors, Standard reagents, Electrode cleaner, Analytical cups, Pipette & pipette tube,  Professional software, Portable suitcase.