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  product name:Portable Potentiostat/Bipotentiostat IGS1100/1200
  product model:IGS1100/IG1200  
  product description:
        Ingsens IGS1100/1200 series are computer-controlled, fully automatic and portable electrochemical instruments. The model IGS1110,1116,1120,1126 and 1130 is a single potentiostat while model IGS1210,1216,1220,1226 and 1230 is a bipotentiostat. Both models use the 16-bit DAC and 16-bit ADC for high resolution and accuracy. The system contains an advanced MCU for digital function generator with a high speed data acquisition circuit and a potentiostat. The compliance voltage is ±7.5 V, the output potential range is ±2.4 V and the current range is ±2 mA. This series is capable of measuring current down to 100 pA. The steady state current of a 10 μm disk electrode can be readily measured. It is powered through a USB port, without any need for an AC adapter or batteries.
        The software provides many powerful functions, such as straightforward file handling, extensive experimental control, flexible plots, various data analyses, and efficient digital simulation. Additional features include macro commands, working electrode conditioning, color, legend and font selection, data interpolation, visual baseline correction, data point removal, signal averaging and Fourier spectrum.
        The instrument is powerful, small-size and affordable. It is particularly useful for field applications and teaching laboratories.
Hardware Specifications for IGS1100/1200 Series
Potentiostat / bipotentiostat                                    Potential range: -2.4 to 2.4 V
Compliance voltage: ±7.5 V                                   Current range: ±2 mA
Reference input impedance: 1e12 ohm                Current scale: 1 nA - 1 mA in 7 ranges
Input bias current:< 100 pA                                    Current measurement resolution: < 1 pA
Data acquisition: 16 bit @ 1 MHz                           CV and LSV scan rate: 1uV/s to 10 V/s
CA and CC pulse width: 1 ms to 1000 s                 CA and CC Steps: 1 - 320
DPV and NPV pulse width: 1ms to 10s                   SWV frequency: 1 to 5000 Hz
ACV frequency: 0.1 to 2000 Hz                               Low -pass filter for current measure 
Dimensions: 16.5(W)×10.5(D)×4cm (H)                 Weight: 590 g
Software Interface