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  product name:Electrochemical Workstations IGS4000
  product model:IGS4000 series  
  product description:
Ingsens IGS4000 series is computer-controlled, fully automatic and general purpose electrochemical measurements. The system contains an advanced MCU for digital function generator with a high speed data acquisition circuit. IGS4010 works as a potentiostat and a galvanostat while IGS4020 and 4030 have AC impedance. The potential control range is ±10 V and the current range is ±250 mA. The instrument is capable of measuring current down to picoamperes and current from microelectrode with diameter of 10 um can be measured directly without any current booster.
Hardware Specifications for IGS4000 Series
Potentiostat and Galvanostat and AC Impedance
Maximum current: ±250 mA in 12 current scales
Compliance Voltage: ±12 V
Potentiostat rise time: < 1 μs, 0.8 μs typical
Output potential ranges: ±10 V
Potential resolution: 0.0015% of potential range
Potential accuracy: ±1 mV, ±0.01% of scale
Output potential noise: < 10 μV
Measured current range: ±10 pA to ±250 mA in 12 current scales
Measured current resolution: < 10 fA
Input bias current: < 50 pA
2- or 3- or 4-electrode configuration
Floating (isolated from earth) or earth ground (GND)
Galvanostat applied current range: 3 nA - 250 mA
Output current accuracy: 20 pA ±0.2% if > 3e-7A, ±1% otherwise
Output current resolution: 0.03% of applied current range
Measured potential range: ±0.025, ±0.1, ±0.25, ±1, ±2.5, ±10 V in 3 scales
Measured potential resolution: 0.0015% of measured range
Fast waveform update: 16-bit DAC at 10 MHz or 24-bit DAC at 1 MHz
Fast data acquisition: 16-bit ADC at 1 MHz
Reference electrode input impedance: 1x1012 ohm
Dimensions: 15.30” (W) x 9.50”(D) x 5.10”(H)
Weight: 4.2 kg.
Technique Specifications
CV and LSV scan rate: 0.000001 to 10000 V/s
Potential increment during scan: 0.1 mV @ 1000 V/s
CA and CC pulse width: 0.0001 to 1000 sec
CA and CC Steps: 320
DPV and NPV pulse width: 0.001 to 10 sec
SWV frequency: 1 to 100 kHz
ACV frequency: 0.1 to 10 kHz
SHACV frequency: 0.1 to 5 kHz
IMP frequency: 0.00001 to 1000 kHz
Cell control: stir for experiments of sensor and biosensor
Software Features
Automatic and manual iR compensation
Automatic and manual DAC, ADC and i/V Filters
USB 2.0 for data communication
Smoothing; Derivative, integration; Fourier Transform and much more
Automatic and manual Find Peaks
Windows XP, 7, 8, or 10
Models and Electrochemical Methods
Software Interface